How to purchase special offers by newsletters, banners, etc.

If you reach account management redirected from an ad, a banner, a newsletter, or something similar, a form will ask you, if you are new to CyberGhost or if you want to create a new CyberGhost account now. A CyberGhost account is mandatory to purchase and activate a subscription.

If you want to upgrade an existing subscription, click on 'Please let me login' and enter your credentials. If you are a new user or want to use a different account other than your regular one, click on 'Please create an account for me'. Your account creation will take place immediately and you will be further redirected to your offer.

Order process

Payment will be done online through our external payment provider.

You can choose between different payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal, Wire transfer and Direct debit.

Click on 'Next'.

Please check your details and acknowledge that you buy a subscription with recurring payment cycles (monthly or yearly, depending on your plan).

Click on 'Buy now'.

Special conditions (e. g. half the price) are only valid for the first payment, while the next payment reflects the regular price.

In the next window you will receive your account credentials and your invoice, also sent to you in a mail to the given email address (if you can't see the data, please change mail display to 'HTML').

Your subscription will be activated immediately after purchase.

Change credentials (only new users)

At this moment your subscription has been activated automatically for you. It is recommended to now invest some time to change the automatically created credentials to user generated ones. This step is implemented for security reasons and CyberGhost strongly recommends to do so.

For that either click on the link provided in the last purchase window, or the respective link inside the confirmation email. The system recognizes you as a new user, and asks you to change your credentials.

Enter a user name, a password and (optional) an email address for account recovery. Once done you will also get a PUK (for account recovery reasons as well) and the possibility to print or store your credentials. Please do so, because CyberGhost does not store your account credentials and the old ones are no longer valid.

After changing your credentials you can login to your client. For that click in the respective client on the menu entry 'Login' and enter the new credentials. Depending on your plan you can use CyberGhost with up to five devices at the same time.

Please note that if you are not logged in the account used for ordering your subscription, you are limited to the Free Service. A subscription CAN NOT be used with different accounts. It is bound to the account originally used for purchasing.


All personal data such as credit card number, PayPal account, names, etc. will stay private and never be submitted to third parties.

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