How to install CyberGhost for Android & do your first steps

System Requirements

You need a Smartphone or Tablet PC with at least Android 4.0 to use the CyberGhost for Android app.

Older systems below Android 4.0 are not supported by the CyberGhost client app. If you want to use your CyberGhost subscription with such a system, please configure a native protocol. Instructions on how to set up native protocols with Android and other platforms can be found here.


Open Google Play Store on your Android device, search for 'CyberGhost - Free VPN & Proxy' and tap on 'Install'.

The CyberGhost app needs you to allow access to some rights in order to be able to install the app properly:

  • In-app purchases: Needed to buy subscriptions via Google Play Store.
  • Identity: Needed to bind subscriptions to a device.
  • Photos/Media/Files: This right addresses the USB memory and is necessary for the app to be able to write and send the debug log file in case of errors. The log file includes details about functions such as connection attempts and allows support to better analyze program failures.
  • Wi-Fi connection information: This access right serves the detection of connection information of wireless networks.
  • Others: Needed to transmit data from the Internet.
CyberGhost DOES NOT spy on private data or analyzes user behavior. All needed rights serve solely the operation of basic app functions.

Tap on 'Accept'. The app will be downloaded and installed.

After installation tap on 'Open' to start it from here or move to your app pool to find it there. Usually the start button for the app will also be found on one of your home screens.


To remove CyberGhost for Android you can do the following:

  • App pool: Drag the CyberGhost symbol to the device border, until the delete/remove function gets activated. Then drop the symbol and confirm with 'Yes'.
  • Play Store: Return to the Play Store, search for 'CyberGhost' and tap on the button 'Remove'. Confirm with 'OK'. 


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