Connection problems in certain countries (e. g. SA, UAE)

Your CyberGhost client freezes, doesn't start, can't connect or your VPN connection is very slow? You also live in a country with restrictive Internet laws? Then the following might relate to you:

Due to restrictive laws, the usage of VPNs in general is forbidden in certain countries, such as Saudi Arabia and United Arabian Emirates, while in China the usage is subject to conditions defined by the government. To make sure, people follow these laws, the usage of a VPN might lead to face criminal charges. Additionally VPN traffic might be blocked (as reported from SA, UAE and Egypt) or slowed down significantly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this behavior may have for you as a citizen of the resp. country or as a traveler, but since it's the law, there is nothing we can do about it.

Although CyberGhost offers possible workarounds for users from countries with censorship problems, the company asks to not follow these instructions, since making the usage of a VPN itself indictable is a completely different situation from blocking access to unwanted content. One won't face charges for accessing banned content, since the VPN encryption makes it impossible to prove, where one surfed. Instead one will face charges for the usage of a VPN, which can be proofed, since the traffic itself can be identified as encrypted.

CyberGhost is aware that identifying VPN traffic as such is a new threat and the company is working on a solution to offer maximal protection for all its users. 

In the meantime, to avoid recurrent payments, please visit your online account management and cancel your subscription (as described here). For further questions please contact support, also via your account management, or, if the CyberGhost online account management is not accessible, try contacting us via Facebook or other social media.


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