How to set app options with CyberGhost for Android

To display the CyberGhost settings, first open the side menu.

Then tap on the menu entry 'Settings'.

The settings are divided into different sections for your account, Hotspot detection, VPN and some info:


  • Username: Your CyberGhost user name
  • Plan: Your current subscription
  • Active devices: Number of registered and allowed devices. '3/5' means for example that you have a Premium Plus subscription, which includes the usage of 5 devices at the same time. Of these 5 devices you already registered 3. If the maximum amount of devices is reached, you need to remove a device, before you can register another one. This will take place in your online account management.
  • Expires at: Date your subscription runs out, resp. date of your next payment. 

Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot

Here you define how CyberGhost should react, if you enter a Wi-Fi network.

  • Hotspot Protection: If enabled, CyberGhost detects new Hotspots and performs one of the following possible reactions, separately defined for secure (password-protected) and insecure (free, public) networks:
    • Always ask for protection: The user will be asked for the type of reaction every time the respective network type will be entered.
    • Always protect automatically: A VPN connection will be initiated automatically with the last valid settings every time this network type will be entered.
    • Ignore: CyberGhost will ignore networks of this type when entering; VPN connections can be initiated manually.
    • Disable protection: CyberGhost will disable a current protection, if a network of this type will be entered.

By tapping on 'More' you can also define the default type of reaction to unknown (new) networks as well as define the action to be taken, if entering a known, specific Wi-Fi network, e. g. your home Wi-Fi.

VPN Settings

Use random port to connect: This option allows CyberGhost to establish connections through randomly chosen ports (which will be changed with each new connection), instead of a fixed port that makes it easy for providers to slow down or block CyberGhost connections. The used port range can be changed anytime if needed. All ports are secured internally by Firewall rules.


Here you find informations on your current CyberGhost version, terms of use, and an imprint. Also the intro, shown at the first app start, can be repeated.

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