How to block tracking & other privacy threats with CyberGhost for Android

CyberGhost's malware/tracking blocker and the data compression feature for mobile traffic are server-based Premium features, only available for subscribers. All functions are run directly on the respective chosen server:

  • Block malicious websites: Blocks malicious content and harmful websites
  • Block online tracking: Removes website content that might be used to track your browsing behavior
  • Data compression: Compresses images and web content thus saving mobile data usage costs

To get access to the extra features of CyberGhost you need to have one of the following subscriptions:

  • Premium
  • Premium Plus (includes also Premium)
  • NoSpy (includes Premium and Premium Plus)
  • Offline Box Edition (only available in German speaking countries)

Furthermore you need to be logged in to your account.

The extra features are not available for:

  • Users of the Free Service
  • Subscribers of Special Edition packages
  • Subscribers of promotion packages (such as free subscriptions from magazines or other promotions)
  • Premium subscribers, who are not logged in their respective accounts

Please note that ALL extra features are server-based and therefore only work when you are connected to a CyberGhost server. The client itself doesn't provide any of these features, it solely works as a remote control.

To activate or de-activate a pre-protection feature inside the Android client, click in the main program window of a profile on the 'Options' button and then on the white switch near the resp. feature itself.

Does the feature switch change its color to yellow, the respective feature is activated und will be processed as soon as a VPN connection is established.


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