What do you want to do today: CyberGhost's VPN profiles for Windows

Start the CyberGhost VPN client by clicking on its desktop symbol or start menu entry.

The interface is clearly organized and consists of a main menu bar (1) for basic operations and a group of tiles (2) to activate different VPN profiles.


Each tile can be moved around by holding the left mouse button (to change the display sequence) and brought back to its original location by choosing the context menu entry 'Rearrange' (after a right click on an arbitrary tile).

About CyberGhost's VPN profiles

CyberGhost's VPN profiles are designed to meet different Internet usage cases, without the need to search for fitting servers and/or prepare the right surroundings by adapting settings. Each one initiates the most optimized settings for the respective case automatically, such as choosing special server types (P2P compliant, for example) and activating useful features (ad blocker, HTTP redirect, etc.), providing by far more than the usual VPN experience.

As of now CyberGhost provides the following profiles:

  • Surf Anonymously (Premium): This set of pre-configurations includes the most reasonable options to ensure anonymous surfing and a stable online privacy.
  • Torrent Anonymously (Premium): This profile chooses the most proficient P2P-compatible server for secured downloads as well as appropriate protection measures, while keeping a user's anonymity.
  • Unblock Streaming (Premium): The only profile worldwide with an extensive list of streaming services guaranteed to work. The list is checked each day to make sure each website listed is available.
  • Unblock Basic Website: A cost free profile for users in non-democratic countries or countries with restrictive Internet laws. It provides access to censored or locally blocked platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and allows to surf freely.
  • Protect my Internet connection: Equally to 'Surf Anonymously' this profile offers the most reasonable options for a secured and free Internet stay, but comes also with an automatic Wi-Fi detection, so a secure VPN tunnel is established as soon as you enter a once before visited Hotspot again.
  • Choose my VPN server (Premium): The profile for experienced VPN users, allowing arbitrary combinations of single server connections with any additional feature (such as ad blocker or data compression).
Note: Profiles marked as 'Premium' are only available for subscribers.

[Surf Anonymously]   [Torrent Anonymously]   [Unblock Streaming]   [Unblock Basic Website[   [Protect my Internet connection]   [Choose my VPN server]

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