How to torrent anonymously with CyberGhost for Windows

The profile 'Torrent Anonymously' activates the most reasonable settings to speed up and protect your downloads. It automatically connects to a P2P compatible server and keeps malware websites at bay. Also it abstains HTTPS requests in order to stay compatible with download managers that doesn't support this protocol.


To start the profile with it's default settings, click on the 'Torrent Anonymously' tile and then either change some connection settings or connect right away by clicking on 'START ANONYMOUS TORRENTING'.


Adjustable Settings

The following additional features are available for this profile, either activated or deactivated by default, but ready to be changed manually, if wanted:

  • Launch an additional program: Depending on the settings here, CyberGhost starts either your default browser in incognito mode, a custom defined program or nothing at all.
  • Block malicious websites: Extends your Internet security by detection and blockage of potential dangerous websites. A deactivation can raise surfing speeds.
  • Block Online Tracking: Prevents monitoring, recording, and analyzing of your surfing behaviors. A deactivation can raise surfing speeds.
  • Extra Speed: Premium subscribers are entitled to use the fastest servers of the CyberGhost server pool. This setting can't be deactivated.

After changing options you can always undo any changes and restore the original settings by clicking on 'Reset to default'.

Fixed Settings

In contrast to the optional settings above, the following features are mandatory and always activated by default (whether shown in the connection window or not):

  • No Logs: CyberGhost does not log any user behavior, any web targets, any communication, or any other activity that could compromise a user's identity.
  • Military Grade Encryption: The VPN tunnel is encrypted with 256-bit AES, the same strength the US army uses.
  • Hidden IP: The user's original IP address will be replaced by an IP address of the CyberGhost network. That way a user's identity stays safe and no visited website can be traced back to him/her.
  • IP-Sharing: As an additional security layer each CyberGhost IP address will be shared with all other users, who take advantage of the respective server at the same time - while each user is strictly separated from each other, so no data could be cross-transfered.
  • KillSwitch: The auto Internet KillSwitch blocks all Internet traffic, if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly - until the user gives his go or the VPN connection got re-established. Open programs can be closed in the meantime without any data leaks.
  • LeakProtection: By default CyberGhost protects against IPv6 leaks, Port Forwarding leaks, and DNS leaks.

Connection Screen

After successful connecting to a VPN server you get the following feedback from the CyberGhost app:

  • Current download speed: Displays the current speed of your download. Please note that the speed can vary, depending on the number of users joining or leaving the same VPN server.
  • Download amount: Displays the amount of data downloaded so far in this CyberGhost session.
  • Maximum speed: Displays the maximum speed reached so far in this CyberGhost session.
  • Time: Displays the length of the current VPN session.
  • Status: Displays the current protection status as well as the activated features.


To disconnect from the VPN network click on 'STOP ANONYMOUS TORRENTING'.

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