What do you want to do today: CyberGhost's VPN profiles for Android

The CyberGhost Android app offers you both, basic functionality of a full grown virtual private network (VPN) such as anonymity by hiding your IP address plus a couple of additional features such as tracking prevention and ad blocking.

To start using CyberGhost, open the app from inside your app pool or via the resp. home screen icon. 


While starting CyberGhost scans for wireless networks. If finding one, the app asks, if it should protect and encrypt it:

  • Protect: CyberGhost activates the VPN connection with the last valid settings (when starting the app for the first time it's set to automatic country and server choice). 
  • Ignore: CyberGhost doesn't activate a VPN connection now, but of course you can activate a VPN connection manually at any time.
  • Remember my decision for this Hotspot: When entering this network the next time, CyberGhost recognizes it, remembers your decision and protects automatically without asking again or ignores it. You can change this behavior anytime in the apps settings page.


If this is the first time you ever started CyberGhost, tap on 'Ignore' and don't save your decision. This gives you some time to better learn about the app.

App screen

The app subsists of a couple of VPN profiles to choose from, while each screen represents one. To choose a different one, simply slide the description pane to the right, resp. to the left.


[Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot]     [Secured Streaming]     [Surf Anonymously]     [Choose My VPN Server] 

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