How to stream unlimited with CyberGhost for iOS

The streaming profile lets you access blocked content, such as geo-restricted YouTube videos or your favorite TV station stream when being abroad. To assure you will have access to your wanted content, the app uses a curated list of websites, which gets checked and edited on a daily base.

Please note there might be a narrow time window between the complete blockage of a streaming service and the removal of the respective sub-profile from the streaming list. In general all services in the list are reachable, but in rare situations it might happen that a service got blocked in the time between two list checks.


To open a platform, just tap on the button 'Choose Website' and activate the respective link, such as 'Amazon Prime'.

In case a platform operates in different countries and you want the content of a specific one, also choose the country, from which you want to stream from.

Example: As a German you want to watch the German content from Amazon Prime and decide for 'Germany', regardless the country you actually visit. If you are an American and want to use your favorite service abroad, you decide for 'USA'.


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