How to secure a Wi-Fi hotspot with CyberGhost for Android

CyberGhost is able to automatically detect potentially unsafe Wi-Fi networks and immediately protect the user's device, basically by encrypting all Internet connections with 256-bit AES and changing the current IP address.

Additional available are a tracking blocker that prevents activity tracker from being activated (such as the Facebook 'Like' button) and a malicious content protection, both activated by default and reachable via the 'Options' button.

Both additional functions are processed directly by the CyberGhost servers, before any data gets transmitted to your device and therefor don't need any of your device's resources.



The moment you enter a free or password-protected Wi-Fi, CyberGhost recognizes, if it's a known or unknown network. If unknown, the app asks, if it should protect your device. If known, the device will be protected automatically, if you have configured the respective network to be handled that way.

Otherwise start the profile manually by tapping on the button 'Start Protection', either on the profile's main screen or on the 'Options' page.

Connection page

Once the profile is enabled, the interface will inform you about the ongoing process and, after successfully connected to the CyberGhost network, about the characteristics of the current connection, such as number of tracking attempts blocked and number of malicious content blocked.


To disconnect from the current connection tap on 'Stop Protection'.

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