How to choose my VPN server with CyberGhost for Android

The profile 'Choose my VPN server' allows individual server selections as well as any possible combination of features and server locations. CyberGhost owns an extensive server pool throughout many countries in West and East Europe, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia. A user may log in per default automatically on a server in one of the available countries, but can also choose his or her favorite location manually by directly addressing an individual server. 

Depending on your subscription (Free, Premium, Premium Plus, Special Edition, Promotion) not all locations might be available.


Profile Settings

By tapping on the button 'Options' you can adapt certain settings to fine tune your individual profile:

  • Block tracking: Blocks content that tracks your online activity.
  • Malicious content protection: Secures your device additionally by blocking malicious content from websites.
  • Save Money: If activated, data, such as pictures, HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be compressed before transmitting them, saving bandwidth on mobile data plans.
All functions are processed directly on the CyberGhost servers, before any data get transmitted to your device, and therefor don't need any of its resources.

Manual country selection 

For manual selection of a single server tap in the settings page, under 'Location', on 'Server'.


Now choose the country you want to surf from ...


... and, if done, tap on the respective server you want to use:



The server list provides you with the following information:

  • Name: A server's indication in the form of 'Town-SXX-IXX',  e.g. 'NewYork-S03-I06', whereas the following details are part of the label:
    • SXX: Server number XX - this is the physical machine, hosting a different number of virtual servers (see below 'Instance number')
    • IXX: Instance number XX - Every host system has multiple network cards and IP addresses, so one can easily set up multiple virtual servers, each consistent of its own operating system and thoroughly separated from the other virtual servers. Memory, CPU, network card, file system etc. will not be shared among virtual servers. Every virtual server has its own entry in the server list and its own IP address. The concentration in groups of dedicated systems takes place for resource reasons and the shielding of all single systems.
  • *: An asterisk right next to a server name means that this server is not included in your current CyberGhost plan. Please choose a different one.
  • Torrent: If the term 'Torrent' is missing below a server name, it means that the respective server won't allow P2P traffic. Usually these are free servers and servers located on US or Russian territory, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.
  • Users online: The percentage of server workload changes with the number of users. Please note that a high value usually adds an additional layer of protection to your online anonymity (since many users share the same IP address) and a low value grants a broader bandwidth (therefore a higher surfing speed).

If you are ready, start the profile by tapping on the button 'Get Started', either directly on the 'Options' page or on the profile's main screen.

Connection page

Once the profile is enabled, the interface will inform you about the ongoing process and, after successfully connected to the CyberGhost network, about the characteristics of the current connection, such as number of tracking attempts blocked and number of malicious content blocked.


To disconnect from the current connection tap on 'Stop Protection'. 

Please note that, although you are anonymized, you still need to be careful with your personal data. If you participate on a social network like Facebook, or if you are logged in to your Google account while being anonymized, or expose your real name and/or email address in a different context, you will most certainly compromise your anonymity.
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