How to surf anonymously with CyberGhost for Android

Similar to the Wi-Fi profile, the 'Surf Anonymously' profile encrypts your traffic, camouflages your unique private IP address to keep your identity anonymously and prevents your online behavior from being tracked. Additionally you can manually choose a location and activate features such as a tracking blocker.


Profile Settings

By tapping on the button 'Options' you can adapt certain settings to fine tune your 'Anonymous Surfing' profile:

  • Block tracking: Blocks content that tracks your online activity.
  • Malicious content protection: Secures your device additionally by blocking malicious content from websites.
  • Save Money: If activated, data, such as pictures, HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be compressed before transmitting them, saving bandwidth on mobile data plans.
All functions are processed directly on the CyberGhost servers, before any data get transmitted to your device, and therefor don't need any of its resources.


In addition, the options page allows the manual selection of a country, if you want to simulate a stay there, for example to get access to your online banking or shopping account at home, when you are abroad. To this end, you just have to choose the respective country, while CyberGhost will automatically determine the best equipped server to be used.

For that tap on 'Country' and then on the location you want to surf from.


If you are ready, start the profile by tapping on the button 'Start Surfing', either on the profile's main screen or on the 'Options' page.

Connection page

Once the profile is enabled, the interface will inform you about the ongoing process and, after successfully connected to the CyberGhost network, about the characteristics of the current connection, such as number of tracking attempts blocked and number of malicious content blocked.


To disconnect from the current connection tap on 'Stop Protection'. 

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