Windows Creator Update stops CyberGhost from working

On some systems the latest Windows Creator Update has a negative impact on a CyberGhost installation. In some cases CyberGhost won't start or can't be open correctly, in others it closes instantly or crashes.

A cause can be the netfilter driver, which gets classified as not digital signed. It actually is signed correctly, so it seems to be an update problem of Windows itself.

If you don't want to wait until Microsoft delivers another update solving the issue, you can do as follows:

Solution 1: Simple re-installation

As of now a new fresh installation of CyberGhost with the latest stable version from the Homepage should solve the problem. For that please deinstall your current CyberGhost version first, restart your system, install CyberGhost again and make sure to deactivate the beta option in the program settings.

If the version mentioned does not change anything, please use this version.

Solution 2: Complete re-installation

If a simple re-installation does not bring results, try the following steps:

  1. De-install CyberGhost
  2. Remove the following entries inside the Windows registry:
  3. Remove the local CyberGhost folders, to be found here:
    • \Users\username\AppData\Local 
    • \Program Files\CyberGhost 
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Install the latest stable version
  6. Restart your computer again
  7. Deactivate the beta option in the app settings 

There is no need to deactivate or deinstall your firewall and/or anti virus software or install the latest .Net Framework.

Solution 3: Removal or update of MSI software

Another cause might be the existence of third party software that also have trouble getting along with the Creator update. On many system for example the Rivatuner (MSI Afterburner) causes the mentioned problems, fortunately an update of the Rivatuner to version 7.0.0 solves the issues.   


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