Unblock streaming profile doesn't work for a specific streaming service?


Please keep in mind that unblocking streaming services is an ongoing process, since most platforms actively block VPN services. While it is not unlawful to watch content you subscribed to from outside the country you usually live in, many providers nonetheless try to keep the content they stream to specific regions. To this purpose they blacklist VPN server addresses and don't deliver streams as soon as they detect a known VPN address.

In contrast to many other VPN services that leave it to their customers to find a working connection, CyberGhost offers a regularly updated list of supported platforms, which means that, if a service is not on the list, it lacks at the time being a none blacklisted server. Of course you can still try all CyberGhost servers of a specific country by manually choosing one server after the other in the 'Choose my VPN server' profile, but most likely won't be successful.

In short, this is the usual process, so you can understand, why providing access to foreign streaming services is sometimes difficult:

  1. After some time of operation any streaming service reacts (or gets forced to react by the content industry) to the fact, that users outside the respective provider's own region or country access their content and starts to block users from those countries or regions on the base of their IP addresses.
  2. Those blocked users then switch to a VPN such as CyberGhost. A CyberGhost server of a respective country is physically located in that country, camouflages the IP address of a user and exchanges it with a address of the country or region the respective streaming provider is located in.
    Um die Sperre zu umgehen, verwenden viele Anwender dann VPN-Dienste wie CyberGhost. Die CyberGhost-Server eines Landes befinden sich zu diesem Zweck  physikalisch im jeweiligen Land,verbergen die originalen IP-Adressen der Nutzer und tauschen sie gegen eine des Landes aus, in dem der jeweilige Stramingdienst operiert
  3. For some time most services widely ignore the usage of VPNs, since users from abroad usually do have a subscription, but sooner or later the respective platform gets forced by the content industry to block users from other regions again.
  4. Since when using a VPN it's not obvious, from which country a user is, the streaming service starts to block addresses of VPN servers instead, assuming that everybody, who uses their services through a VPN is visiting from abroad
  5. The respective VPN service reacts by exchanging IP addresses of blacklisted servers with fresh ones and both parties start a cat and mice race.
  6. Since both parties rely on IP addresses for their services and the blacklists grow (a server available yesterday might be blocked today), users today have a hard time to find a not blacklisted server and are forced to try different servers each time they want to stream, many times already to no avail.

With CyberGhost you have a clear picture if a streaming service is available or not. Just have a look on the list. If the respective service is listed, CyberGhost had been able to assign a none blacklisted address. If not, the streaming service is unavailable at least at that point in time. Main results: Transparency about what CyberGhost can deliver and no hassles for users to find a working server. Also one doesn't need to deal with settings such as hiding a browser language or the language of an Operating System.

Any way I can help?

What can you do, if one of your favorite streaming services is not available with CyberGhost? If you used a pre-configured profile, not very much, since CyberGhost already uses all known additional techniques to unblock and if a service is not available, it simply means, the IP addresses used so far are compromised and the staff is working hard to install new hardware or find a different way for you to watch your content.

If you don't use a pre-configured profile or a self made one, the following measures might be some help:

  • Change your browser's GUI language in respect to the country the streaming service is located in
  • Change your Operating System language in respect to the country the streaming service is located in
  • If your browser allows to block tracking, activate that option
  • Deactivate IPv6
  • Delete browser cookies and cache
  • Start your browser in incognito mode

Want a refund?

What if the one streaming service was the only reason you bought a CyberGhost subscription? Well, first we'd like to ask you to think twice. CyberGhost is full of advantages to make your daily life in the web way more save and private than without it.

If you still want to leave you have the following possibilities: 

  • Money back guarantee: If you just recently bought a CyberGhost subscription contact your dealer and ask for a refund. CyberGhost has a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Pause payments: If you don't have any other reason to use CyberGhost than streaming, but still want to wait and check back later, if the service you want is on air again, you can pause your subscription in your account management. For that open your account management, move to 'My Account > Subscription' and click on 'Cancel subscription', which will actually pause it. Pausing your subscription means, it will work until the next payment date, but you don't have to pay for the months (or years) to come, until you reinstate your subscription (the payment pause starts the beginning of the next month/year). Obviously this step makes more sense with a monthly subscription than with a yearly subscription.
  • Cancel subscription & delete account: If you don't want to use CyberGhost anymore, you can cancel your subscription for good. For that enter your account management, move to 'My Account > Subscription' and, as above, click on 'Cancel subscription'. Then scroll down a bit and click on 'Delete Account'. Please note that cancellation and removal will take place immediately and that there will be no refund of any remaining runtime.
  • Refund: CyberGhost usually doesn't give any refund, if the service has already been used for longer than one month, but of course is willing to discuss any reasons for making a single exception. If you think you have a good reason, please contact support via your account management, create a ticket and explain, why you think a refund would be necessary.
Note: In case you can't access a streaming service, that has never been part of the list and/or has been added by you manually, please assign a different server, if it's not reachable. You probably will have to try different servers, before getting connected.



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