How to install CyberGhost for iOS & do your first steps

The CyberGhost app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch provides the functionality of a fully featured VPN for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, while also delivering additional protection such as ad blocking, anti tracking, blocking of malware websites, and more. It can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes Store and used for free without limitation for 7 days. After that subscriptions for another 7 days, a month or a year are available.

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The minimum system requirement for the operation of CyberGhost for iOS 6 are:

  • Apple operating system iOS 9 and higher
  • iPhone, iWatch, iPad, iPad Pro, iPod touch
  • After expiration of the trial period a CyberGhost subscription (7 days prepaid, monthly or yearly subscriptions)

Make sure your Apple device runs the latest stable operating system version and visit the iTunes Store to download your copy of CyberGhost VPN for iOS, either directly to your device or on your iTunes software for later synchronization. CyberGhost requires access to VPN and push notifications. iOS will ask users to confirm access in order to be able to establish secure connections.

Starting the app

You start the CyberGhost app via its corresponding icon and choose the wanted VPN profile by wiping to the left or the right on the bottom field (1). A profile will be started by simply tapping on the activation button (2). 

What is a profile?

A profile is a set of optimized front end (client) and back end (service) settings for a respective scenario. For example: You want to access a blocked YouTube video and therefore activate the 'Unlimited Streaming' profile. In the background CyberGhost automatically connects to the best suited server and pre-loads the most fitting additional features, in this case a server in the USA with the best performance available, as well as an adaptation of security features.

Some profiles can be fine tuned with additional pre-protection security features, completing your online security and anonymity, such as:

  • Remove advertising: For a better Internet experience you can CyberGhost advise to block ads inside apps and websites.
  • Block tracking: Filters out web page elements that could be used to track your surfing behavior, such as the Facebook Like button.
  • Virus-Protection: Blocks websites with malicious content, such as viruses, Trojans, Phishing links and other malware.

None of these options will put an extra load on your device, in fact each remotely activates some server side techniques solely being performed inside the CyberGhost network before any data is sent to you. If a profile includes additional features, those can be adapted through the button 'Options' (3).

You can use the app freely and without restrictions in the first 7 days after installation. After that its functionality will be reduced to a basic VPN service, which limits access to the Secure Wi-Fi Hot Spot profile (including automatic protection).

You can upgrade at any time for full functionality again by purchasing a 7 days prepaid or a monthly or yearly subscription. For that just tap on the button 'Upgrade'.

Log in

Users with existing CyberGhost subscriptions can log-in with their regular credentials (user name and password) without any extra costs. Just tap on the bar symbol, then on 'Log in' and then enter your credentials. 

Users, who already activated the maximum amount of allowed devices, need to visit their respective account management and remove at least one device.


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