How can I cancel my subscription?

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How to cancel a prepaid subscription

Prepaid Pay Scales do not require any termination and end automatically upon expiry of their validity term.

A Prepaid Pay Scale can be purchased with Bitcoins or (in certain countries) in cash by buying the CyberGhost box. To continue your run time you need to purchase a new prepaid package or a regular subscription.

How to cancel promotions & Special Editions

A promotion key is usually to be seen as a prepaid and doesn't require any termination, except it had been bound to a paid one from the beginning.

Special Editions are to be seen as usual subscriptions, which they are, and have to be canceled actively. How you cancel is described below in the 'Premium subscriptions' section.

How to cancel Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions

To cancel your monthly or yearly subscription either use 1) the confirmation mail, which you got when purchasing your subscription, or 2) your online account management.

1) Open the confirmation mail, scroll down a bit and click in the section 'Cancel your subscription' on the provided link.

2) Open your account management, activate the area 'My Account' and scroll down to 'Subscricption'.

Now click on the button to the right of the 'Next billing date' called 'Cancel subscription'.

That's it. Your subscription will be terminated at the next possible date and a confirmation email sent to you.

Please note, that a cancellation doesn't result in any refunds.

Re-activation of a canceled subscription

If you later on change your mind and want to resume your subscription, you can do so by clicking on the button 'Continue subscription' in your account management or in the confirmation mail sent to you. 

Delete an account

If you also want to delete your account for good, please scroll down a bit more. At the end of the page you will find a link to terminate this account. Possible remaining days of your subscription will get lost, a refund for not used days can not be given.

Click on 'Delete Account'.

An account termination can't be made undone. It's final, meaning it's impossible to recreate it, neither by the PUK for this account nor by an activation key nor by our support.


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