Purchased premium plan but still have to wait? Or you don’t have access to all countries and servers?

You have purchased premium plan, but still have to wait for a free slot and/or don’t have access to all countries and servers? Seems like you still use the free service, which means you are either not logged in or you are logged in with the incorrect account.

As soon as you purchased a regular subscription, the subscription will automatically be activated on the account used for purchasing. The credentials for this account are either known by you (because you used an already existing account for the process) or they had been delivered to you (because you created a new account). If the latter is the case you also got an email with the same data. From time to time it might happen a user accidentally logged out or a bad connection provokes a logout. Then just use your delivered credentials (user name and password) and log-in via the client's log-in menu. All Premium features ordered will be available at once. 

To log-in start your CyberGhost client and enter the credentials of the account used, when purchasing (password and user name). In case you are logged in with a different account, which is not the one you used when purchasing a subscription, logout first, so you can enter the credentials of the right account.

If you lost or wish to recover your account, you can always use the Oops, I forgot my password URL from the account login page.


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