Using beta updates for problem solving

Many problems will first be addressed with beta versions of a program. Because of that it can be useful with persistent errors to check the most recent unstable version of CyberGhost. Of course one risks to exchange a bug with a different one, since beta versions will need some time to get error free, but in many cases it can be rewarding anyway. Also you can always turn back to the last stable version by re-installing CyberGhost and un-ticking the option.

To automatically get beta versions do as follows:

  1. Download and install the last stable version of CyberGhost.
  2. Log in (if not already logged in).
  3. Open program settings and activate the beta version option:
    • Windows client: Open program settings, move to 'General', click on the button for 'Install beta updates'.
    • Mac client: Open side menu, tap on 'Settings' and activate under 'General' the option 'Install beta updates'
    • Android client: Open side menu, tap on 'Settings', and change 'UI Channel' from 'Live' to 'Beta'.
    • iOS client: Not available.
  4. With next program start CyberGhost also checks for beta versions and installs one if available.

Note: Beta versions can provoke connection losses and/or hangers or might contain advertisements, even you run a Premium subscription (to test banners, etc.). Please don't activate beta version option, if you want a stable and/or an ad free system.

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