Why doesn't CyberGhost support Windows XP and Windows Vista any longer?

In April 2014 Microsoft will end all support for its Windows XP operating system. After that date the platform will no longer receive any security updates nor other improvements and has to be assessed as an insecure system with many vulnerabilities. The same goes for Windows Vista, which will get its last security update on April 11th, 2017. From that day on it has to be considered as insecure as well.

Microsoft’s withdrawal also forces CyberGhost to stop all support regarding the usage of CyberGhost with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Neither CyberGhost 4, which itself won’t be developed anymore, nor CyberGhost 5 or 6 will then be updated to work properly with both operating systems; support will also not be given anymore.

We recommend to all CyberGhost users to switch to a modern operating system soon. Thank you for your understanding!

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