How can I get back my CyberGhost subscription after re-installing my system and/or the client?

You don't have access to your CyberGhost subscription after you re-installed your operating system and/or the CyberGhost client?

  • CyberGhost and/or your operating system got a fresh install, but your purchased activation code is declared invalid all of a sudden? An activation key can only be used once, when registering a subscription for an account. After that the key expires. However, your subscription is still valid and accessible on the account used for key activation. Please open your client and login with your user data of this account (user name and password), your subscription will be recognized automatically. 
  • Your operating system got a fresh install and now CyberGhost doesn't login to your account anymore and you are forced to use the Free Free Service? After changing the operating system CyberGhost registers the device as a new device, since all references to your old platform are lost or overwritten. Depending on the type of CyberGhost subscription and amount of registered devices you then might have exceeded the maximum amount of allowed devices. To be able to use CyberGhost on the new system, please do as follows:
    • Open your online account management and login with the credentials of an account, a subscription had been registered for.
    • Activate the menu entry 'My Devices'.
    • Remove a registered device by clicking on the respective button.
    • Start CyberGhost on your new system and login with your credentials


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