My country or ISP is blocking CyberGhost

In states with a less democratic regime, or in those run by a dictatorship, services such as CyberGhost VPN are not well looked upon, and access to VPNs is blocked. However, sometimes the VPN service itself is not affected, but the homepage - which means that, even if our Internet page is blocked in your country, you can still use the service, and surf anonymously.

If both, homepage and login servers, are blocked, you could still try to bypass this by using the connection options from CyberGhost client. For that click in the main menu on 'Settings' and then on 'Connection':

  • Force using CyberGhost DNS servers: Activated, this option forces your system to use the CyberGhost DNS servers instead those of your Internet provider. If your provider's address server implemented filters, those won't work here.
  • Prefer TCP instead of UDP connections: Many blocks just work with UDP connections.
  • Use random port to connect:  This option allows CyberGhost to establish its connections through a randomly chosen port (which will be changed with each new connection), instead of a fixed port that makes it easy for providers to slow down or block CyberGhost connections. The used port range can be changed anytime if needed. All ports are secured internally by Firewall rules.

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