Possible blocking attempts of CyberGhost VPN

Blocked CyberGhost IPs

It regular happens, that CyberGhost IP addresses are blacklisted on different Spam lists, which results in users not able to access certain domains. We are constantly working on this matter by changing/extending our IP pool. In case you get blocked, please try different servers.

Google blocks user accounts

We're getting continuously reports from users, telling us, their Google/GMail, G+ accounts get blocked after logging in to their account while connected to CG. We are in contact with Google to clarify such cases, it seems like Google assumes hijacked accounts when user log-in from different locations.

Blocked by Skype

After Microsoft took over Skype more and more of our servers got blocked by the Skype backend servers, nowadays nearly our complete IP pool. Currently there is no way for a user to use Skype via CyberGhost.

A few months ago we had a chat with a Skype representative, who told us, that Skype blocks us due to spam users. We are in contact with MS to get a solution for this, but it would be helpful, if each user complained, too.

Malwarebytes blocks VPN server

Not permanent, but time and time again Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro blocks various CyberGhost servers, if the option 'Website Blocking' is activated. After deactivating no connection problems appear anymore. 

Obviously the lists are accustomed properly. However, Malwarebytes usually reacts very fast if somebody complains. 

Sites/domains/services currently known to block CyberGhost VPN

Please note, that CyberGhost VPN does not block anybody! If a site resp. a domain is not available, it's because the respective provider does actively block CyberGhost IPs! These are currently:

  • goldesel.to
  • share-online.biz (JDownloader)
  • Jappy freezes profiles with CyberGhost IP




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