How to activate a prepaid or promotion key

Activation keys, as they usually come with promotions, advertising campaigns, special sales, or Bitcoin and offline sales, will not be activated automatically, such as regular CyberGhost subscriptions, but need to be added manually to your CyberGhost account.

To activate a key, open your account management at and log in with your user data. In case you don't have a CyberGhost account yet, first click on 'Create an account' and follow the assistant.

Now activate the page 'My Account' and click on 'I already have an activation key', located in the second line of the area 'Overview'. 

Enter the code, but first please acknowledge the following preconditions:

  • Key is still valid? An activation key must not have been already used. Any activation key is valid only once. Once activated for an account the key is expired and can not be used again.
  • Time frame not exceeded? An activation key must not have been run out. Campaigns, promotions and special sales usually have a time frame, in which the key must have been entered. You missed the last day, the key will be invalid.
  • No downgrades possible! An activation key must not be used to exchange a high value subscription with a low value subscription. A downgrade of an existing subscription with a subscription of a lower value is not possible!
  • No subscription mixes possible! An activation key (pre paid) must not be entered while having a running regular subscription. If you still want to do it, please cancel your existing subscription and enter the key then. Attention: You will loose all remaining days.
  • Promotions can't extend an existing subscription (which would be a downgrade).
  • Promotions can not be extended by Premium subscriptions. If you still enter a key, your Special Edition or promo subscription will be replaced!
Please acknowledge any warning messages trying to inform you about possible remaining days. Depending on type and length of your old subscription and time and length of your new subscription, days could be added (two subscriptions merged into one) or lost (ons subscription replaces another). If you are to loose remaining days, stop here and wait, until the current subscription runs out. Except there is a time frame bound to a key, usually a promo serial.

Click on 'Activate'. The subscribed contingent will be activated and bound to this account.

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