How to surf anonymously with CyberGhost for Mac OS

Start your CyberGhost VPN client and wait a few seconds until the user interface loads. The interface displays a couple of options for subscribers, two lists for country and server choice and a big yellow button, both at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the yellow start button to initiate a connection to the nearest VPN server resp. the server with the best performance (the system decides). While being connected to an anonymization server, the balloon graphic moves from your original location to a different one on the world map.

When successfully connected CyberGhost displays your simulated country and the used server right on the main screen. This new IP address can not be tracked back to your identity or your real IP address.

The server in use is chosen in accordance to the settings regarding country and location, as shown in the program windows on the left and the right of the power button. If automatic settings are in charge, CyberGhost decides on itself, which server in which country it will be connected to. If you want a different country or a specific server you can do so at any time by choosing it via the respective list, which opens after clicking on 'Automatic' (the choice of a single server is only available for subscribers).

Please note that, although you are anonymized, you still need to be careful with your personal data. If you participated on a social network like Facebook, or if you were logged in to your Google account while being anonymized, or exposed your real name and/or email address in a different form, you will most certainly compromise your anonymity. 







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