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Note: CyberGhost grants a 30 days money back guarantee for all monthly and yearly subscriptions in case you are not satisfied. 


If you are an existing CyberGhost user, please open the side menu, tap on 'Use different account' and log-in with your account credentials. Please make sure the account, you want to log in to, has a valid running subscription and the maximum number of allowed devices is not reached yet. If the latter is the case, please visit your account management first and remove an existing device


To purchase, activate or manage a subscription an anonymous CyberGhost account is mandatory. So, please, check first, if you are logged in to a possible existing account, before you start the purchase process. For that just open the side menu and have a look on the status:

  • You don't have an account: This is usually the case with all new users or users of the Free Service. Just click right away on the button 'Upgrade' to purchase a subscription. A new account will be created automatically for you.
  • You own an account, but aren't logged-in: If the menu shows an arbitrary account name (Free Plan) you are not logged in to a personal account. To purchase or extend an existing CyberGhost subscription, please click on 'Use different account' and enter the credentials (user name and password) of the account you want to use. Then you can go on by clicking on 'Upgrade' to purchase a subscription.

Note: If the button 'Upgrade' is missing, the recent account is already equipped with a Premium Plus subscription. If you need or want to buy another subscription, an extension or an upgrade, please use the account management.

Order process

Ordering and purchasing a subscription will be done online:

Step 1: Choose your plan and payment interval. For that first define the number of devices you want to use simultaneously with your account (1 or 5 devices), then define the payment interval (1 or 12 months).

Step 2: Proceed and allow us to take you to our payment partner, e. g. cleverbridge, where you can pay online via a secure server. There are different payment methods available to you at the moment, among them credit card and PayPal. Please note that an email address is mandatory to deliver purchase details and login credentials.

Step 3: On the next page please take notice that your purchase is a subscription with recurrent payments and click on 'Buy now'. 

Note: To use CyberGhost over time is dependent on subscription payments. How much and how often is laid down in your basket. A new payment will be due at the beginning of each new cycle (monthly or yearly, depending on your plan).

Also special conditions (e. g. half the price) are always only valid for the first payment, while the next payments reflect the regular price. 

Step 4: After payment you will receive a conformation, your invoice and your credentials to log-in to your CyberGhost account. Your subscription will be activated automatically for you (please allow the system some time to process).

You will receive an additional confirmation email, which also includes the credentials for the account you bought a subscription for (user name and password). If the log-in data seem not to be included, please switch to HTML view. In case you are a new customer or created a new account, change your credentials immediately in your account management. For that open the side menu and click on 'Manage Account'. For more details see below.

Change login data

Once the payment ended successfully, you will be logged in to your new account and the subscription gets activated. (As mentioned, please wait some minutes for the system to end this process. If your plan is still not Premium after 5 minutes, close the client and restart it.)

After being logged into your new account, you should now change the interim user name and password. You can easily do that by opening the side menu of the client interface and clicking on the menu entry 'Manage Account'.

The Auto-Wizard identifies the account as an automatically created one and helps you to create individual log-in data.

Enter a user name, a password and (optional) an email address for account recovery. Once done you will also get a PUK (for account recovery reasons as well) and the possibility to print or store your credentials. Please do so, because for anonymity reasons neither CyberGhost nor any reseller will store your account data.

Please note that if you are not logged in the account used for ordering your subscription, you are limited to the Free Service. A subscription CAN NOT be used with different accounts. It is bound to the account originally used for purchasing.


All personal data such as credit card number, PayPal account, names, etc. will stay private and never be submitted to third parties.


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