CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy

The CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy is a web based browser for instant anonymization. You can use it for free anytime you want.


Just visit CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy, scroll down the page a bit, enter the address you want to visit and click on the arrow right left beside the field. Below the text field you can determine the country to surf from and how to handle tracking elements such as cookies and scripts.

The web proxy works with any network device able to surf the Internet and all connection types like WLAN, Mobile Edge and 3G. 

Proxy settings

In the start window of the CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy you have the following options (you can activate/deactivate all settings also for each single website visited):

  • Allow cookies: The proxy browser keeps the cookies placed by the visited websites which comes in handy for most occasions. If you want to delete them, you can do so later at any time. Setting this option to 'No' will block all cookies.
  • Remove scripts: Deactivates scripts on each website you visit. Recommended for security reasons.
  • Remove objects: Deactivates objects on each website you visit. Recommended for security reasons. 

Proxy Location: This list provides you with different locations to choose from, so you can access, for example, content blocked in your region.

After the browser starts with the website entered, the proxy offers a small menu:

  • Home: Brings you back to the CyberGhost Anonymous Proxy start page.
  • Delete cookies: Deletes instantly all cookies saved by the CyberGhost Anonymous Proxy.
  • Manage cookies: Here you can view and delete cookies set on your computer by sites accessed through the CyberGhost Anonymous Proxy. The cookies are listed and can be deleted individually.
  • Browser simulation: Lets you choose the browser you wish to be simulated by the CyberGhost Anonymous Proxy and edit its settings.
  • Options: Options on how to handle cookies, scripts and objects (see above)

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