I have reached the maximum number of activations. How do I remove old resp. add new devices?

If you reinstall CyberGhost (even if it’s on the same device) or you update your Operating System, CyberGhost will see this as a new installation and you might receive an error that “Maximum number of activations for that account reached!”. After you reached that allowed number of devices, you can't add another one to use with your current CyberGhost account, unless you delete at least one of the already registered ones.

Native protocol users: If you use native protocols and extend your device limit, you might not get connected (but without message). If that's the case and you experience connection problems, please first visit your account management to check on your device list.

To remove a device do as follows:

  1. Visit your account management at https://account.cyberghostvpn.com.
  2. In the upper menu click on 'My Devices'.
  3. Check, how many devices are actively registered and also how many devices your subscription allows. For that click on 'My Account' and have a look at the area 'Overview', which tells you, how many slots you ordered.
  4. If all your slots are occupied, move back to 'My Devices' and remove at least one. For that simply click on the button 'Remove' right beneath the respective device.
  5. After an activation has been removed you can log-in on any new device with your user name and password.
  6. The new device will be added automatically. The complete process will reactivate the subscription on the respective device.


Note: The removal of a device inside the account management will block access to the VPN on the very same device at once and any existing connection will be terminated. Please make sure the respective device won't need an active connection at the time you remove it.


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