What does the CyberGhost VPN Premium Service consist of?

CyberGhost VPN's Premium rates are the commercial extensions of the Free Service. They are intended both to offset the downside of the Free Service (which do not feature under the Premium rate), while also completely enhance it with additional features:

  • Higher data throughput via servers reserved for private customers up to an average of 6.000 kBit/s running a Premium or Premium Plus subscription. Depending on the respective server uplink, the speed can even reach the speed of a user's usual Internet connection.
  • Premium Plus users have additional access to an extended server park with high security servers, especially configured for providing a higher security level (for example a 256-bit encryption).
  • Real flat rates with unlimited traffic.
  • Free choice of servers.
  • No forced disconnection after 3 hours of surfing uninterruptedly.
  • No waiting times, no queue.
  • Automatic reconnection after being disconnected.
  • With CyberGhost VPN Premium you can use servers in Europe and the USA, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy and many more countries, e.g. for circumventing Internet road blocks.
  • Pre-configured VPN profiles with optimized front-end and back-end settings.
  • Additional features: Ad blocker, malware blocker, tracking blocker, data compression and forced HTTPS traffic
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