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If you are an existing CyberGhost user, please log-in with your account credentials. Please make sure the account, you want to log in to, has a valid running subscription and the maximum number of allowed devices is not reached yet. If the latter is the case, please visit your account management first and remove an existing device


After finishing the 7 days trial period CyberGhost will be reduced to a basic (but full secure) VPN service (including IP exchange, no logs and 256 bit AES encryption), which limits access to the Secure WiFi Hot Spot profile (including automatic protection). You can regain full functionality anytime by purchasing a subscription. In a nutshell the following options are available:

  • Free Service
  • In-App Upgrade
  • External upgrade to Premium (Plus)

Free Service

If you don't want or need a paid upgrade you can use CyberGhost's free basic VPN service. You have access then to the profile 'Hotspot Security' with all VPN functions such as IP exchange, 256-bit AES encryption and no logs, but are not entitled to use any of the other profiles as well as additional features such as the ad blocker, data compression, anti tracking etc. Furthermore a waiting queue might delay the connection time and after 3 hours you will be disconnected from the VPN (but can reconnect at once).

An upgrade can be done as an in-app purchase within Apple's App Store or by buying a Premium (Plus) license on the CyberGhost home page.

In-App Upgrade

When upgrading through the App Store an anonymous CyberGhost account will be created automatically und the subscriber logged in. This account is limited to one iOS device and can be restored (in case of lost of credentials or an accidental log-out) through the menu entry 'Restore Purchase'. The restoring process will be handled by Apple.

External upgrade to Premium (Plus)

For upgrading CyberGhost with an official Premium (Plus) subscription, please visit the CyberGhost VPN online account management. Depending on whether you already own a CyberGhost account or not, please now log in or, if you don't have an account yet, click down below on 'Create an account'. You will have one in no time and also be logged in at once.

Premium: How to purchase

Click/tap in the upper menu on the entry 'My Account'. In the area 'Overview' you find your current subscription status and a purchase/upgrade button.  

Click/tap on the 'Upgrade' button and follow the purchase assistant:

1) Choose your plan:


2) Choose your payment interval:

3) Allow us to take you to our payment partner, e. g. Cleverbridge:

Pay online via our secure server that is operated by one of our resellers like Cleverbridge. There are different payment methods available to you at the moment, e.g. credit card, PayPal, or Direct Debit. 

Please be aware that regular CyberGhost plans are recurrent subscriptions and will have to be paid each new cycle (monthly or yearly, depending on your plan). Also special conditions (e. g. half the price) are always only valid for the first payment, while the next payment reflects the regular price. 

Your subscription will be activated automatically for you after the payment process ended successfully. At the end of the payment process you will receive a final note with your log-in credentials and your invoice.

The same information will be sent to you in a mail (if the log-in data seem to be not included, please switch to HTML view).

Change credentials (only new users)

As you know, your subscription has been activated automatically immediately. It is recommended to invest some time now to change the automatically created credentials to user generated ones. This step is implemented for security reasons and CyberGhost strongly recommends to do so.

For that either click on the link provided in the last purchase window, or the respective link inside the confirmation email. The system recognizes you as a new user, and asks you to change your credentials. 

Enter a user name, a password and (optional) an email address for account recovery. Once done you will also get a PUK (for account recovery reasons as well) and the possibility to print or store your credentials. Please do so, because CyberGhost does not store your account credentials and the old ones are no longer valid.

After changing your credentials you can login to your client. For that click in the respective client on the menu entry 'Login' and enter the new credentials. Depending on your plan you can use CyberGhost with up to five devices at the same time.

Please note that if you are not logged in the account used for ordering your subscription, you are limited to the Free Service. A subscription CAN NOT be used with different accounts. It is bound to the account originally used for purchasing.


As a last step open your Android client, tap on the bar symbol for the side menu and then on 'Log-in'. Enter the credentials of your new CyberGhost account. In case you are logged in to a different account, please log out first. The system doesn't recognize your external purchase, because it was made using a different account.


All personal data such as credit card number, PayPal account, names, etc. will stay private and never be submitted to third parties.

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