Beware of Chrome Plugins able to unveil your real identity

If you are using a proxy plug-in for browsers to anonymize your traffic, be aware that some websites are still able to determine your real IP address and identity by using Flash or Silverlight Chrome plug-ins. 

How is that possible?

Those plug-ins enable a SPDY proxy inside Chrome. All HTTP and HTTPS requests are then forwarded in an encrypted manner to the respective proxy and the proxy will then execute the requests on behalf of you. BUT: Flash and Silverlight apps are built different and can not be forced to use the proxy. In fact they can perfectly ignore the proxy settings. Then HTTP(S) requests made by these apps will not go through the proxy and your real IP can be transmitted to the website - despite the protection of a proxy plug-in.

This problem doesn't occur when using a 'full force' VPN like CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost VPN establishes a VPN tunnel way down inside your system, on a different level beneath the level your programs operate on. No Chrome plug-in can bypass that tunnel and detect your real IP. If it were able to, all connections would be blocked at once - so you don't even have to worry about future plug ins. If you need a fully equipped VPN that protects you all the way, we recommend to download and install CyberGhost VPN today. The software is free to use and provides full protection for all your applications and browsers.

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How can I disable Flash & Silverlight plug-ins with Chrome?

1. Open the following URL in Chrome: chrome://plugins, to open Chrome's plug-in settings pane.

2. Disable 'Adobe Flash Player'

3. Disable 'Silverlight' (in case it's installed)

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