Proper, clean install of the Client (solves most of the issues)

In some cases, software like antivirus or optimizing software makes changes to one of the CyberGhost dependent components which stops it from installing properly or even from working. In other cases, you can make these changes yourself without clearly knowing this.

Most of the times in such situations it is easier to reinstall CyberGhost, to have the components back up and running.

Here's a proper way to clean install CyberGhost.

Before you begin, make sure of the following:

  • During this action plan, should you encounter any error or anomaly (something that does not seem right), make sure you document it, taking a screen shot and noting down what you were doing when it happened
  • You are using an administrative account to perform these actions.
  • Your operating system (OS) is up to date
  • Only Windows: Make sure .NET 3.5 framework is not missing (Control Panel\Add Remove Programs). Sometimes users deinstall .NET, because of a recommendation of a system optimizer, but it actually shouldn't, since it's a widely used Windows framework and necessary for many programs.
  • Antivirus is disabled temporarily (be extra careful with this action, security software might be tricky to disable, sometimes deinstalling it takes less time)
  • Set the firewall Off temporarily
  • Disable any other tweaking, optimizing, security tool (some programs like these will recommend you to take some "cleaning" steps that will remove components and/or alter settings and configurations that will stop other programs (like CyberGhost) from functioning correct. These are often the cause of some issues so make sure you know what you are doing!!!)

Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall CyberGhost, reboot the computer. Wait for about 30 seconds and restart your system.
  • Download the latest version of CyberGhost for your operating system from or the respective online store (iTunes/Google Play). 
  • Only Windows: Run the install file with elevated privileges: right-click on the CyberGhost EXE file and choose "Run as Admin" (even though you are logged in with an admin account).
  • Make sure to allow the Installer to install missing components.

Components that will be installed (you might want to check them, should you have any issues):

  • The application binaries and it's components in the Program Files folder (CyberGhost.exe, service.exe,…)
  • Only Windows: A Local Area Connection network adapter called "TAP-Windows Adapter V9" will be created and configured
  • Only Windows: "CyberGhost Client Service" will appear once the application is started
  • OpenVPN process will be also observed once you build up a connection

Final Notes:

  • This action plan will fix most of the local issues
  • Go through these steps again as you might have forgotten something, or you might want to document the errors or anomalies you have encountered to lead a constructive troubleshooting
  • Should you still encounter issues, please contact the support department (we will go through the list ourselves as it's easy to "forget" steps when in a hurry and it's always better to double-check instead of to assume)
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