What to do, if CyberGhost seem to slow down your Internet connection

If you are a Free Service user, please note, that the number of free servers is limited and in times of many users the high load will also limit a server's performance. Premium Service users can theoretically reach the connection speed of their respective real Internet connection, since all our servers have optical fiber Internet connections with very high data speeds. However, in daily life quite a few adversenesses influence the real possible speed, such as:

  • Your regular Internet connection speed
  • the hardware used
  • the ISP infrastructure (some backbones and cables are not capable of transmitting UDP traffic for example)
  • the uplink of the connected VPN server
  • the VPN server location
  • the respective server's utilization (number of connected users to that server)

In case, your connection is felt slower than it should be or even breaks down, please keep these basic conditions always in mind. Your Internet provider might, for example, end up choosing a bad route, which means, for instance, that the packets from your PC take a long and sometimes very slow route to our servers. These conditions also may vary from time to time and server to server. Please check here for more information.

Here are some common fixes which might already be helpful without contacting support:

  • Change your MTU settings from 1.500 to 1.300 (find out how)
  • If 'bad cables' are the reason for speed losses, it can help to activate the option 'Prefer TCP instead of UDP connections' in your client's settings. The option prevents data packages getting lost (which otherwise needs to be corrected and therefore drop down your speed). You can find the option via 'Settings > Connection'.
  • Deactivate network tools like cFOS or Asus network tools 
  • Check your routers settings for firewalls and other settings. Some routers might have a "UDP Flood Firewall" that will severely affect the speed.

Given, your problem can't be solved, please contact support via your account management and maybe please provide us with some numbers from a speed test. Find out here how to do a speed test with SPEEDTEST.NET. 

If you feel a bit familiar with 'WinMTR' and 'tracert', you can also send us those results (see here how to create a WinMTR protocol and here how to use tracert). 

In all cases, please first test your regular Internet connection (without CyberGhost) and then your connection with CyberGhost VPN activated. If you are a more advanced user you can also provide us separate tests with OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

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