DNS test error

When receiving DNS test error messages, quite a few causes can be responsible, among them the most frequent one is: a different VPN has been installed after the setup of CyberGhost. Different VPNs often use different network drivers which have a negative effect on your CyberGhost VPN installation. 

Other reasons:

  • There is an unrecognized routing problem, caused by an anti-virus or firewall software. Simply deactivating the respective application most often is not enough, so you better deinstall the software completely - just to make sure. Alternatively you can try to re-install your anti-virus or firewall software with the latest version. Sometimes the installation sequence of drivers is very important and by re-installing you make sure that the originally order which might have been destroyed by an update, will be re-established. The debug log (see below) will usually unveil any routing problems, so check there first.
  • The TAP VPN adapter doesn't connect to a DNS server: To check, if the respective command is activated, open your Windows 'Network and Sharing Center', localize the CyberGhost network adapter (usually labeled as 'Unknown Network') and click on the right side at 'LAN Connection'. Open the 'Settings' and double click on 'Internet Protocol Version 4'. Have a look if DNS server addresses are automatically to be recognized. Alternatively you can assign fixed addresses.
  • The new, but not widely available IPv6 technology is not yet supported by CyberGhost VPN below v5. Please deactivate IPv6 for the TAP VPN adapter
  • Please note, that Windows 8 doesn't shut down your computer like older versions used to do, but instead uses the so called hybrid mode. By doing this, portions of your memory will be saved on your hard drive to ensure a fast shut down and a fast system start. The downside: You can't compare a new start in hybrid mode with a complete re-initialization of your system. For that you need a regular new start, which you can accomplish by opening your Charms Bar and clicking on 'Settings > On/Off > Restart'.

Since the reasons for an erroneous DNS start can be numerous and aren't easy to solve also, please feel free to contact CyberGhost support via your online account management, if none of the above steps could help you out or if you don't know, how to accomplish them. But before you do, extract the debug file and send it along with your question, so we will have it easier to investigate your case. 

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