Does the CyberGhost client depend on Windows services?

CyberGhost's functionality depends on different Windows services which usually are started along with Windows:

  • DHCP: The DHCP client is a Windows service, that ensures the clear assigning of addresses to each computer, on a local network level. If the client is deactivated (e.g. when users prefer to manually assign addresses or the installation of a network board has gone wrong), it needs to be reactivated.
  • Server: Along with the DHCP client the Server service should be started automatically also for CyberGhost to function correctly.

The CyberGhost repair function automatically identifies missing services and re-establishes the right settings.

Note: Sometimes the 'NVidia Network Access Manager' prohibits a smooth operation of the DHCP service on a system, which can only be solved by deinstalling it, as CyberGhost requires a functional DHCP address assignment on the client system. (The error message in that case: “Your connection to the CyberGhost network is not available. Please try again in a few minutes.”.)

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