What does the CyberGhost VPN Free Service consist of?

The CyberGhost VPN Free Service is completely free and available to any surfer who has installed and set up a CyberGhost VPN client. You are under no obligation and can happily and securely surf the net, whenever you want. We preserve your anonymity (even from ourselves) and protect you from prying eyes, interested in your Internet habits, just as we protect our subscribers. If you like to surf or chat anonymously, unblock a video here and there, and be invisible to trackers, you just found the right place to go.


CyberGhost VPN Free Service can be used for an unlimited time and protects every software that connects to the Internet. Depending on the client installed the following profiles are available:

  • CyberGhost for Windows: 'Surf anonymously', 'Unblock Basic Websites' and 'Protect my network'.
  • CyberGhost for Mac OS: 'Surf anonymously'.
  • CyberGhost for iOS: 'Hotspot Security'
  • CyberGhost for Android: 'Hotspot Security'


Waiting times: If you connect to the CyberGhost VPN Free Service you will be being queued for some time (depending on the respective server load) and have to wait for a free slot. 

Ads: While using the Free Service, every 120 minutes a CyberGhost ad will be displayed, e.g. one of the current offers or a personal upgrade offer.

Forced disconnection: After 3 hours of continuous surfing you will be disconnected from our service, but with the possibility to re-connect at once.

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