CyberGhost name server addresses (DNS)

In case you want to change the name server addresses, which usually are looked up to translate a web address to an address a computer understands (e. g. and vice versa, you find here the addresses of the (guaranteed censorship free) CyberGhost name server:

  • Primary:   (located in USA)
  • Secondary:   (located in UK)
Very important: The CyberGhost Domain Name addresses are subjects to change at any time. We reclaim the right to change addresses without further notification, if needed.

If you activated the option ‚Force CyberGhost DNS Server ‘ in your client’s extended settings and don't want to change DNS addresses for the rest of your system, you don’t need to update the addresses. The software does it automatically for you, when you start CyberGhost and switches back to your old settings when closing.

Note: None of these servers can be pinged, since the ICMP is deactivated on all of them.
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