How do I change Domain Name Server addresses manually?

As you probably might know an IP address is written in blocks of numbers, e.g. That's how computers communicate. Unfortunately humans don't, for they prefer a different language and like to write down 'real addresses', e.g. '' instead of some bully numbers. The downside: computers don't understand what is meant by that. They need numbers to connect you to your wanted target site.

That's what a DNS (Domain Name Server) does. It translates name addresses into numbers. You type in '', the term goes to the DNS, the DNS changes it and there you go. Without DNS you couldn't visit a website, nor send an email, nor have a chat, nor do anything else online.

The bad news: Whoever runs a DNS (your ISP for example) can control, if you will reach a site or not - and you will never find out why, if not. You might assume, the site you wanted to reach is temporarily down or has been given up, but instead the DNS sends you to Cyber Nirvana.

What can you do to avoid being censored? Add a Google or CyberGhost DNS.

Manually change your DNS settings for [Windows], [Android], or [Fritz!]

Windows 7/8

  • To add a CyberGhost DNS you must first open your Windows Control Panel
  • Click on 'Network and Internet'
  • Click on 'Network and Sharing Center'
  • Connect to a CyberGhost server if you haven't done so already
  • The CyberGhost connection is usually labeled as a 'Not identified network'. Click on its 'LAN connection' on the right side.

In the next window click on 'Properties'. Make sure it says 'TAP-Win32 Adapter V9' in the upper part and then double click on the entry 'Internet protocol version 4' (you might need to scroll down the list for this) and activate 'Use these DNS server addresses'.

Now type in one of theses addresses:

  •  --> USA
  •  --> UK
  • --> Germany
  • --> Singapore
  • --> Australia

Note: None of these servers keeps logs!

Google's DNS are and, if you want to use those (even though we can't say anything about keeping logs here).

The following name servers can also be used (given they still exist)*:

  • (Digitalcourage)
  • (
  • (; Berlin/Frankfurt)
  • (, ISC, USA)
  • 2001:4f8:0:2::14 (, IPv6, ISC)

Note, that you should always add two addresses: the DNS server you want in the first place and an alternative one in case the other is down.

Repeat all of theses steps, if you want to use the CyberGhost Domain Name Server for your regular Internet connection as well. The only difference is, that the title won't be 'TAP-Win 32' any more and the name of your network controller instead.


Using Android you need to do the following:

  • Open your 'Settings'
  • Go to 'More settings > VPN'
  • Hold your finger on the connection to be changed and choose 'Edit network' from the context menu

  • Scroll down to 'Show advanced options' and check
  • Scroll down to 'DNS server' and enter one of the addresses mentioned above

Save your settings and test your connection.

On older Android version you first need to change the getting of your IP address to 'Static'.

Then enter the IP address of your gadget. If you don't know, check your router's WiFi settings. Your device should be noted there somewhere along with the needed address. Also enter the gateway, which is the IP address of your router.

Done that you can enter the CyberGhost DNS addresses.


If you are an owner of the popular Fritz!Box routers, you can add the CyberGhost Domain Name Server addresses directly there. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Fritz!Box GUI inside your browser (usually
  • Navigate to 'System' and then 'View'
  • Activate 'Extended View' and save your settings
  • Navigate to 'Internet > Access data > DNS server'
  • Activate the option 'Use other DNSv4 server'
  • Type in one of the addresses mentioned above


* Taken from the Chaos Computer Club DNS tutorial (

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