Hoppla, servers are missing. Why's that?

1) Sometimes things need to be changed, so there will be no such thing as lasting and unmovable assigning of servers. For different reasons we need to be able to change a server to a server type, to add servers, to remove, to change countries, etc.

2) We need to do maintenance work once in a while and the respective servers will then be offline for some time. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. A note will usually be given through our social media platforms or the system tray messenger service. Furthermore you will find the state of a server marked in the server list at the CyberGhost homepage. Expand the drop down list and check the server in question. If under maintenance, it will clearly say so.

3) Sometimes one or more servers are going offline due to failures and/or misuse and/or falling meteors or any other unforeseen reasons. We apologize, especially if this happens through nighttimes, weekends, or holidays and the emergency team fails to bring them back online in time. We'd like to ask you for a little patience then, if you are looking for a certain server and that dude is gone for some time - but be assured we are doing our best repairing and/or dealing with authorities or data centers. 

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