VPN addresses for the manual configuration of native protocols


Users of mobile devices and desktop PCs, who want to configure native protocols manually, must enter server addresses in the way 'Prefix-Country.cg-dialup.net', as being delivered after protocol configuration in your account management. For example (prefix: NoSpy server group, country: Romania):

  • 8-ro.cg-dialup.net

Always the same for every address is the address of the CyberGhost network (cg-dialup.net), changing in respect to location and plan, resp. server group is the prefix (1, 2, 3 ...) and the wanted location (us, de, ro, nl, ... etc.). The actual server to be used in the wanted location will be chosen automatically by CyberGhost - which will always be the one with the best performance at that point in time.

If you want instead to connect to a certain server, you need to exchange the country label (us, de, ro, nl, ... etc.) with the exact title of the wanted server. You can see these in the client's server lists as well as on the CyberGhost homepage. e. g. 'Graz-S01-I01' for an Austrian server in the town of Graz.

The sample address above, reflecting the single server 'Vienna-S01-I01' would therefore be:

  • Vienna-S01-I01.cg-dialup.net
Please note that the usage of general location IDs is more advantageous than the usage of single server addresses. If a single server fails, goes offline, drops or will be shut down, your VPN will be disconnected. That won’t happen when using a server group, because here your connection will switch unrecognizable to a different server, if one is down.


All possible prefixes of an address depend on your booked plan and the server group you defined, when configuring your protocol connection in your account management. For example the prefix '8' includes the group of NoSpy servers as part of a special Premium Plus subscription.

With a prefix you exactly define, which server group you want to use for your protocol connection, e. g. just 'Default server' (available for nearly all CyberGhost users, including Special Edition users), or just 'Premium servers' (available only for Premium subscribers), or just 'NoSpy servers' (available for Premium Plus subscribers with NoSpyProxy add-on).

Note: Not every country and also not each plan does include each and every server group available. Some locations don't have any server groups available, others just 'Default Servers' or just 'Premium Servers' and some have them all. Also does Special Editions only include 'Default Servers', but no 'Premium Servers', and 'NoSpyProxies' are just included in some rare plans.

Some prefix examples (only visible in your account management, if you run the respective fitting subscription)*:

  • 1 = Premium Servers
  • 4 = Standard Servers
  • 8 = NoSpy Servers
*An available prefix will be solely shown to you in your account management, when you configure the details for your wanted protocol connection. You can't anticipate from the info or list above that for example '1-us' will activate all US Premium servers for you. Instead you must use the proper, for your plan individually in your account management generated address!



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