Why should I trust CyberGhost VPN?

Because, just like you, we want to keep the Internet free and to reconquer its freedom where lost.

Because the protection of your privacy is our fundamental concern.

Because our trust and your trust have been violated by too many people so far, but we have to start anew somewhere.

Because our offer is as transparent as it can be and because we try to give you, through this Internet page, as many and as complete information as possible.

Because protecting your privacy, expanding your freedoms and increasing your safety on the Internet are the essence of our business and our passion. We believe it is worth fighting for a free and secure Internet and we use all our available time to bring you a VPN with unique safety, speed and reliability.

So, is CyberGhost VPN trustworthy?

Well, in the end that's something you have decide on your own, but it's on us, to earn this trust every day all over again.

Fact is, that even in times the service had to deal with a strictly data retention in Germany, no user ever got compromised. There were demands to hand over user data quite regularly and in one case authorities even confiscated the VPN and database servers, but since CyberGhost VPN didn't store any data which might compromise a user's identity, it's been to no avail. No tracks, no logs and no personal data stored is our policy.

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