I've got a suspicion concerning one of your users. Can I request for him/her to be checked up?

No. We are simply service providers. CyberGhost VPN does not operate outside the legal system and therefore cannot ignore the legislation in force. If there is no data communication request issued by a court, if we did check up on that person, we would violate the legal provisions.

Nevertheless, even if there were a court request, we cannot identify a user of our network. The same mechanisms that offer protection to respectable citizens, journalists and other persons against data espionage and more serious deeds make it impossible for us to identify or track users suspected of having committed crimes using the CyberGhost VPN network.

There is only the theoretical possibility to intercept them, based on a court order, to record future surfing on a specific account (for example, to survey the activities of a terrorist cell). However, such operations require that, in addition to the court request, the relevant investigation authorities communicate us a connection IP or log-in data. In practice, this theoretical hypothesis is almost completely void of significance, and we have never used it.

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