Can CyberGhost VPN be used abusively for illegal activities?

Can we commit crimes with a knife? Of course we can. Does this mean that we should give up on cutting bread? Of course it doesn't. However, CyberGhost VPN, as all other similar services, is frequently accused of supporting criminal activities. Nothing can be further away from the truth, which is why we take this opportunity to highlight once again the following aspects:

CyberGhost VPN is a service with one purpose only: to increase Internet safety, freedom and individuality - for all users equally. For private persons, for journalists and political activists, but also for those, who frequently support the enforcement of Internet-related restrictions: companies (first of all those in the creation field), state authorities, army, secret services and political dignitaries. In the end, they all have something to gain from additional security, privacy and freedom, all possible due to an increased anonymity on the Internet. While, through CyberGhost VPN, citizens take charge and make sure that their human rights are respected, this service also offers other people the possibility to carry out their attributions adequately, for, undoubtedly, these anonymity possibilities are also used by the criminal investigation authorities, the secret services and the army when carrying out check-ups. However, data security, unlimited privacy and the freedom to access all content elements on the Internet must not be reserved to selected groups. We believe that security, freedom and the private sphere of all Internet users is based on anonymity and, consequently, restricting these possibilities of anonymously accessing the network would eliminate all of it.

The fact that CyberGhost VPN can be theoretically used by criminal organizations as well shouldn't be a reason to discriminate the service. People, and not the instruments they use, commit the deeds in question - the criminals having, no doubt, greater possibilities to hide their identity than the law abiding citizens. To hide behind false identities, the criminals steal mobile telephones, forge documents, abusively use wireless Internet connections and, through fraudulently loaded programs, takeover the control of an entire computer, which they later use to carry out their activities. In conclusion, the people with fraudulent intentions can surf the Internet anonymously at any given time: big and small criminals alike, but also repressive governments. If they have enough know-how, time and money, they don't even need a service like CyberGhost VPN.

On the other hand, the common people, who obey the law, benefit from more restricted means. The same situation is valid for the militants for civil rights, whistle-blowers, activists for political rights in oppressed states and regions, environmentalists, journalists, supporters of human rights and all the other persons who get involved in such actions for themselves and for their fellow beings and who promote the interests of large groups of people. We have created CyberGhost VPN for them, to offer them the unrestricted and risk-free possibility to exert their right to freedom, to more privacy and to an enhanced Internet security, so they can benefit from a better protection against criminals, so they can get involved in the political field without putting themselves at risk and to offer them freedom of movement in the social field.

This service also offers the secret services and the army the possibility to anonymously plan and apply strategies, and grants the police investigation authorities the freedom to act undercover and to efficiently investigate law-breakers.

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