How does anonymity provided by Cyberghost VPN ensure more freedom?

We find ourselves forced to reach this bitter conclusion: the protection of our privacy on the Internet while surfing is almost non-existent and too often based on the "(probably) nobody is interested in me" concept.

But things have changed. Advanced computers and algorithms can generate extended personality profiles starting exclusively from the data we send voluntarily every day through the Internet, which draws up the behavior of the person surfing the network: the products viewed when accessing an online shop, preferences for certain countries, sexes and forums, opinions expressed, etc. If we have an IP address, it is very simple to associate the profile generated with your real name and address.

Numerous information providers, for example 'Hulu' and 'Pandora', but also our public institutions, only open their video and audio streams to people accessing them from their own geographic regions and block the access of others. With CyberGhost VPN, such barriers can be crossed, an important aspect if one wishes to access internal contents from another country (available for a charge). Shopping from abroad on local sales platforms may be difficult if you lack a CyberGhost VPN, if those platforms examine the orders from the point of view of the region of the person accessing their page.

Additionally, a VPN is used to avoid censorship. Numerous states, companies and public structures, for example, education institutions, apply filters to block access to unwanted content elements or at least to priory check the recordings, eliminating unwanted elements and only partly publishing it. Another issue: User-Tracking. This means that the Internet providers, for example online sales platforms use your IP address to send you advertisements adapted to specific requirements. For example, you purchase shoes from one company - and you immediately get an advertisement for shoe maintenance solutions from other web pages.

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