Server security policy

To get access to one of our servers one needs a RSA key which will be generated individually and is stored secured on an encrypted mobile drive inside a TrueCrypt Volume. The private key on that drive is encrypted with a password.

Any direct access to our VPN servers, e.g. for installation and configuration is restricted to four people worldwide (April 2013), among them only CyberGhost members and no worker of a computer center or a server provider, both solely providing the hardware. Furthermore we have strict contracts with our partners, among them Kaia Global as our own carrier, establishing very harsh security requirements, e.g. that a system has to be wiped completely, before a server can be withdrawn.

Please also note that CyberGhost is certified by QSCERT with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. ISO 9001 relates to working procedures while ISO 27001 regularizes technical procedures and security standards. Both are very high quality attributes.

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