My subscription got lost or hasn't been activated

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My recurring subscription has not been activated automatically 

After successfully ordering and paying a recurring CyberGhost subscription it will be automatically activated in the account, you were logged into when starting the purchase. Please log in to your client with exact the same account, if not done already. You subscription is waiting there for you.

If your paid subscription has not been activated immediately, please contact the respective vendor, you bought the product from (see here for contact details). From there you will get an explanation, why the process has been interrupted. If CyberGhost is responsible, your request will be forwarded to us on the very same day and activation will be made up for.

More details gives you our troubleshooter. Pay a visit, click on 'Start problem solver', choose the entry 'I have a problem or question regarding my Premium subscription or account', click on 'Next', choose 'I made a purchase, but don't get access to your Premium features'. There you can also send support your billing confirmation, so it can be checked, why an activation didn't occur. 

Important: Some users have different CyberGhost accounts, so it's important to make sure one is logged in the same account one used when making a purchase.

Manual activation of a new subscription

If you received an activation key via email, there is no automatic activation and you have to enter the key manually in either your CyberGhost client or directly in your account management ( 

If you haven't yet received a mail with an activation code, please first check your spam/junk folder. Very often the missing mail has just been filtered and moved after receiving. If the mail's still missing, please contact the seller you bought the product from, for example Payzilla for Bitcoin purchases.

If you get an error message saying your key has already been activated and is therefore not valid anymore, this code has already been used for this or a different account. See also the next passage 'Use of account after re-installation'

Use of account after re-installation 

To have access to Premium features on a new CyberGhost installation (e. g. after a system crash and a new operating system installation), just log in to your client with your old credentials (user name and password). Please make sure, you log in to the right account (the one with an active subscription), otherwise you will be seen as a free user by client and account management. 

For key owners: If you try to activate your subscription once again with a key, you will get an error message. 

iOS client users with in-app subscription for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (NOT with a Premium or Premium Plus subscription purchased via the CyberGhost homepage): Please click in the client's menu on 'Restore Purchase'. The restoring process will be handled directly by Apple.

Problems when ordering or paying 

If errors or problems occur while ordering or paying (e. g. payment will be refused or got delayed) or if you want a refund, please contact the seller you bought the product from, respective cleverbridge, if you bought from the CyberGhost homepage.  

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