Can my real IP address be exposed when being camouflaged by CyberGhost VPN?

As long as you surf protected by CyberGhost VPN, nobody can find out your real IP address and associate it with the connection owner through the information request sent to the Internet provider.

So, can I let go of other security measures when surfing with CyberGhost VPN?

No, your anonymity may be significantly endangered if you carelessly reveal personal data, such as emails, names, dates of birth, credit card data, etc. CyberGhost VPN does not monitor at any time the nature of the data you send, which is why it cannot make a difference between sensitive information and unimportant information, blocking the ones in the first category.

We also recommend that you keep the safety measures on, for example blocking cookies and continuing to use an antivirus, as well as other safety software solutions, as you normally do. Trojans are just as dangerous in the anonymous networks like they are in the non-anonymous ones.


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